Tuesday 23 February 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let’s go!!!

I love the white stuff, although it is making the guys really tired. Today we went walking on the field and I had the snow all up to my tummy! At some parts the snow was so deep that mama got stuck, but luckily Breizh and I are expect tunnelers and quickly cleared a path for mama.  So much fun! Me and mama we are in good shape, so we really love the powerwalking in the snow. But let me tell about the guys, they are no where close to the beach shape yet! As can be  seen from the picture, the boys were really tired after the walk!
Makes us girls laugh!

To be honest I think papa was still tired from the weekend when Breizh and I were pulling mama on skiis. We don't know yet how to pull like huskies so papa has to run along with us whilst mama shouts 'faster! faster!'. But mama seemed to enjoy it anyway and Breizh and I like wearing our husky harnesses as it makes us look professional.

Tomorrow we are going to do some training, which is just great! We have a little competition the girls team against the boys team. Sometimes we have to let Breizh and papa win, so they won’t get too depressed, but the fact is that we girls are really the best!

I had to admit though that in this pic Reino is quite handsome :)

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