Tuesday 23 February 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let’s go!!!

I love the white stuff, although it is making the guys really tired. Today we went walking on the field and I had the snow all up to my tummy! At some parts the snow was so deep that mama got stuck, but luckily Breizh and I are expect tunnelers and quickly cleared a path for mama.  So much fun! Me and mama we are in good shape, so we really love the powerwalking in the snow. But let me tell about the guys, they are no where close to the beach shape yet! As can be  seen from the picture, the boys were really tired after the walk!
Makes us girls laugh!

To be honest I think papa was still tired from the weekend when Breizh and I were pulling mama on skiis. We don't know yet how to pull like huskies so papa has to run along with us whilst mama shouts 'faster! faster!'. But mama seemed to enjoy it anyway and Breizh and I like wearing our husky harnesses as it makes us look professional.

Tomorrow we are going to do some training, which is just great! We have a little competition the girls team against the boys team. Sometimes we have to let Breizh and papa win, so they won’t get too depressed, but the fact is that we girls are really the best!

I had to admit though that in this pic Reino is quite handsome :)

Tuesday 26 January 2010

When u pee, do a C!

Hi there!

I have been a bit busy lately, running around in the snow and exploring new places. I totally surprised my mama by marking my territory with the letter C, like Comete! Mama thought that only guys could write their name in the snow. Smart, huh?

Breizh got his Frisbee disks from Holland this week. He wanted dog discs to be able to hang around in the park in the summer and do some cool fetching. Mama has already taught him some basics. I will add some pictures as soon as he will be a pro at fetching (don't want to embarrass him when he's learning!).

I also want to introduce you to our newest furball, err, I mean family member: Pepe the wabbit (or Pepe le pupu when he wants to be theatrical!). He is really nice actually. His favourite activities are eating house plants, nibbling walls and going boink on the bed. I am not planning on eating him (yet!) because he has too much fur and I do not want that stuck in my throat! Breizh totally agrees with me. We'd rather chase wild rabbits, even if we never catch them as they are too fast for us, but it is great fun anyway. Soon Pepe will come out walking with us but at the moment it is too cold. I hope he doesn't hop on my back expecting a free ride!


Tuesday 5 January 2010


I have lately been very bored. So bored that I have had to entertain myself, which of course does not make my mama too happy. I have a big problem which I don't recognize as a problem, but others do, and that is food. I absolutely adore food, anything anytime anywhere and the more, the merrier.

Last night I ate 1 liter of fruit soup, 1 bottle of ketchup and a pack of tummy medicine for dogs. Breizh and I serve ourselves usually when we're alone in the apartment and there's no one else to serve us. We are very skilled at climbing and opening doors, jars, bottles, well basically everything. Apart from eating for entertainment, we sometimes even let a hamster out of the cage. See I think it is unfair to have animals in cages, hamsters need some freedom too! But hamsters being typical hamsters are happy at first of their new found freedom, but then when I pop them in my mouth they complain!

My mum has taken a little break in training us and that really shows. We will slowly start again with obedience and SAR (search and rescue). Later we will start with coursing. I really love action. In my opinion sleeping is a waste of time!

It has been snowing a lot here and it has been great to run in the snow. As I love to eat, I love to eat snow. Recently, everytime I go out it has been like a free buffet. I just run a long with my mouth open, hoovering up the snow. For some reason this makes me pee a lot and Mama doesn't seem to like this, especially when I need to go out at 4am! At times the temperature has dropped to -22C! That does not really bother me as I have a very thick coat, but my bro Breizh wears an army style fleece. He thinks he looks very cool in it, but I just call him a girl as he has a coat on :)  Mama tried putting the fleece on me too, but I love to roll in the snow so much that the fleece just gets covered in snow. My mum takes us often out for long night walkies, when there is no one else around and I can't cause any havoc. It is very beautiful at the night time when you can see all the stars! I prefer comets the most!


Tuesday 15 December 2009

Running is me thing!

Breizh and I love to run! We love it so much that mama and papa can't keep up with us. Sometimes maa & paa think that I'm running away from them as I sometimes disappear into da forest. But that would be a silly thing to do as where would I get my food from?!

Anyway, so that they can keep an eye on us, maa & paa take us running at the greyhound racing track where we run after the "wabbit". Now I've chased plenty of wabbits in my time and I know this isn't a real one, but it makes a funny whizzing noise that drives me crazy so I like to chase it anyway. Mama had a hard time finding us large enough muzzles for when we race, so that we can keep our mouths open and get enough fresh air. That is very important! Breizh got his muzzle from his mama Marie in France and mine is just a plain Finnish one. Somebody might wonder why we need to wear muzzles. That is because we love to kill the "wabbit" so much when we finally catch it and as we are so strong (don't tell Breizh that I said he's strong otherwise it will go straight to his head!) that we can break the whole thing! And that would be very expensive to replace it. Breizh's and my weekly allowance would not cover that and we would rather buy nom noms with the money anyway!

As we normally run in the hot summer and maa & paa refuse to shave our hot hairy coats off (I keep telling mama that I want a Mohawk), it is very important that we get some water with electrolytes in it (to give us back our energy) after running and then walk around a bit before going home.

Breizh is practising with the home made wabbit

Friday 11 December 2009

Being nosey

In my introduction the other day I mentioned that I am a bit nosey. This reminded me of the time when I got my nose stuck in the ground. Well it wasn't really stuck, I was just having fun digging and seeing if I could reach New Zealand as I heard that there's lots of sheep there that I could chase. I should mention that it was dark when I started my tunnel-digging project and my mama didn't really see what a mess I had gotten myself into until we got back home. When we reached home my mama had a funny look on her face. I think she was laughing probably because she thought that I had turned into a mole. But no, it was still me, the wonderful amazing Comete. Here's a picture of me doing my mole impression.

I also remember another time when I was being nosey. My mama is a bit forgetful at times (luckily for me!) and she sometimes leaves her food out so that I can have it - at least that's how I see it! There was this one time when she had whipped some white stuff that Breizh and I love so much and then left it out for us on the table. I naturally noticed this, being the nosey curious amazing thing that I am and of course started to eat it. I had just finished most of it when my bro Breizh came and asked if he could have some. Naturally, being a lovely lady I let him lick the bowl while I went and rested my now full belly on the sofa. This was perfect timing as my mama came back into the kitchen and found Breizh sitting there whistling along as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately, even though he had his best 'Move along please - nothing to see here' expression on his face, his nose let him down (as you can see from this picture). The moral of the story is, if you're gonna be nosey, don't get the evidence on your nose-y   :D

Thursday 10 December 2009

My friends

Even if I love to talk about myself (which I do), I guess it is about time to also introduce my great friends! Breizh is my flatmate and most important my companion in crime (otherwise I might not want him around ;). He is also from France, but from a different place than I am, which isn't difficult seeing as France is the biggest country in the world (Comete is always right!). He is a  bit older than I am and my Papa says he is wiser. But we all know that it is the female who is wiser. Breizh is a true engineer and a problem solver. His mama got him training as an engineer when only a few months old by giving him wires to sort out. Breizh says that he was diffusing bombs, but I think he's having me on. Anyway, as a problem solver he knows how to open doors, cupboards, jars and other stuff and being as smart as he is, he also knows how to close them too, of course after we have emptied them of anything edible :D. He is also into technical stuff. Once when he broke his toe and was taken to the vet, he was really interested in the x-ray machine and asked if he could use it. But in the end he just had to lie there and listen to it working.
I also have a boyfriend, well we go out on a regular bases together. His name is Juju. He was born in Finland but has great French origins. He is a bit funny. We get along very well as he is not so keen on food, so he always leaves his bones and food for me. I just love that! But like most males he can be a little too interested in just one thing so I have to put him in line sometimes. Still, it's nice to have a toy boy :)


My sister Via is also from France. She is a bit special and very protective of her family. Her mission in life is to keep our island safe from visitors. Her hobbies include killing snakes and mice, egg robbery and barking at waves and boats and occasionally at helicopters. We get a long but sometimes we have some opinion differences, especially if it's over my papa's affection.
 Last but not least is my Papa. He is British, which caused me a lot of trouble at first (being French myself). I had a hard time accepting him as a pack member. Actually, to tell you the truth, I did everything in my power to scare him away. I still don't know why I did not succeed! I used show my teggies (teeth) to him (he thought it was aggressive, but I was just smiling), spit in his face, wake him up in the middle of the night for an 'urgent' pee, disobey him, jump up at him, steel his food, sleep in his space in the bed etc. Nowadays we get along just fine as I figured out he is quite good on giving tummy tickles and making nom nom food! (although I still like to jump up at him just to remind him that I'm around).

I will tell you about our other animals the next time, now I have to go! 
Kisses: Comete


My name is Comete. I was born in France, but decided to move to Finland when I was 8-weeks old. I came by airplane, via Brussels before I continued on my trip to Helsinki. I got a card from my journey that told my mommy that I had received a drink in Brussels, so that she didn't worry that I had gone thirsty.

I am a curious little dog, some would even call me nosey (I quite often get all sorts of things stuck to my nose like mud, sugar, honey, cream...). I have a passion for food (being French et al), working, and of course fashion as I am, after all, a true French lady. Well let me rephrase that, as my brother Breizh just barked that I am not at all ladylike, more like one of the lads. I think that it's more that I like being the centre of attention and first in line for everything! Well whatever I am, I am who I am and very proud of it.

So welcome to my blog! I hope u enjoy your stay and please leave a paw mark!

-Comete (the dog that shines so bright)